Points to Consider When Integrating Smart Home Entertainment

by Gurpreet Singh 04/24/2022

Smart home entertainment integrates home technologies with your favorite big entertainment features. It’s also a practical next step with the rise of smart, integrative technology. But what can it do for your resale value? Should you take it with you, instead? Is it worth the cost? Here are a couple things to consider when integrating a smart home entertainment system with your house.

Trends in Your Area 

Your house has two price tags: one given during the appraisal process and the other given by the homebuyers. So, it’s vital to monitor the trends in your area. Look at past trends, and see what’s changed since you’ve moved to the area. Once you’ve made those comparisons, you can gather your target sales demographic.

Understanding the demographics and target audiences is also important in determining what kind of entertainment system you set up. For instance, if you want an entertainment system that is fully integrated with your smart devices, you may opt for a smaller set of speakers that don’t need to be hard-wired into the home’s electrical. You might also consider lighter and more portable devices that may lack features but make up in power and portability. Regardless of your target, you want to ensure that you pay attention to what’s being bought around you and who’s buying it.

General Market & Industry Trends

After you’ve monitored your own slice of the housing market, expand. Look into what’s trending in other parts of the country for homes resembling yours. What are other homes going for? Is there a need for home entertainment systems? If so, what home entertainment systems are being bought most often? Are these trends sustainable? Is hard-wired technology upgradable? What’s the cost of keeping such technology current? These are just a few questions within the markets that you’ll want to pose to yourself and your real estate agent if you’re looking to sell your home.

If you find yourself with a home that’s already been hyper-customized to suit your needs, don’t fret. The beauty of smart home technology is most of the integrations can be repurposed. If you have your back door set to hum you a soft melody through your speaker when it opens, that setup can transition to a home security setup that integrates with your other smart devices.

Regardless of your home entertainment setup, discussing it with your agent is a great way to find the most effective and cost-efficient way to boost your home’s resale value, be it repurposing, taking it with you or leaving it as is.

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